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ddos jokes r, dare to break through the cadre of the artificial cobwebs. Firms most lack now is not afraid to speak of democracy Need humor more intellect, life, relationships, work cadre: but we need a bold, daring Plant Manager, but can't concentrate factory. However, I now think Qiao Guangpu, that's not true Man, he did not dare to think and dare, dare, dare tubes DDOS and grandeur, not to take drastic action. Law of real-life and writing were forced back I figured Qiao Guangpu character traits. Weird, why is he not here earlier, so I took a little detour). The Director criticized the cadres At this tim DDOS e, another Director in my heart I told him many years activities (now I am Quite hard, especially for old comrades and is much better for young cadres. At that time, the workshop has a problem, Workshop Director bollocking, called young cadres to rep DDOS ort. He went to work every day, to the main workshop Going to turn around, not hear from him, "resea DDOS rch", "discuss" kind of words, he said, non- Do not, what reflected him over. Sometimes supply sections do not material, he To write a slip of paper. Personally to get materials. Once angered Manager, he managed to find Premier Zhou, General To Shanghai by a buyer to buy. This buyer is not just went a week without buying Once, high-pressure seamless steel tubes in the workshop, the Director told Director for supply, supply Chief I can't say anything else, had to lie to my face, said steel had bought the workshop can get. After finished, Come. In scheduling the meeting, workshop and steel issues, Director immediately asked Chief of supply, the Chief of For two days he called workshop from Shanghai, said steel has already been shipped. If he can't buy steel, without Chief, supply, take the opportunity to go to the bathroom be absent-minded, ran all the wafy to the station to board the train to Shanghai, Valid reason, simply can't see the Director. And one more thing, end of June 1, To install an important equipment, tec ddos jokes