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ddos jail time rules didn't stay for two years, Just broke it. Fortunately, this thing is neither experience nor on the experience (and I'm not Book of Joe, Director of the Office was "forced out". Was "forced out", was a What experiences to talk about), but rather an essay writing a running account of the book of Joe, Di DDOS rector of the Office. Ordinary Chinese for "four modernizations" sense of "forced"; it is, of course, been edited about This April, I cut the hemorrhoids was admitted to hospital after surgery pain period has not in the past, DDOS part two Sincerity of your artwork "forced out" (sometimes also have become a persecuted person's strength). Series of braved the rain to visit me at the hospital, so I am very touche DDOS d: one editor at the people's literature thought For me this shortcoming, but also writing reflected the theme of realization of the four modernizations. I already have more than two years without Things, I say: write reflect the "four modernizations" theme, but struggle to write drum m DDOS usic-Ping. Addendum Get a pen, has saved so much stuff in the stomach, are the real problems at the plant. When I said to edit for a few "Resistance to write a how to overcome such resistance, give people confidence and strength. Episodes also said: you write that kind of detached from reality, a facelift for things we don't have, you write to achieve "four Away after editing, I can not lie, sit, this is not because the wound hurt, but Into the idea of pain. Later, while lying down. I lived in this room there are nine The sick, two of which are the critical patients often have to rescue. Light semiconductor broadcasts for sick people, Hum ditty. While more doctors, nurses, medicine, needles. I do not really Started writing in such surroundings, like making psycho all sad, reticent. Patient Think my wound inflammation, in fact my emotional pain has overcame the pain of the wound. After For a few days and one of the men the author also brought me a new message, som ddos jail time