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ddos mitigation bgp ze and shape of the face tends to affect the preliminary judgement on people. For example young girl, cheeks are a little bit plim; elderly lady, in the cheek part is hollow; round face is often more cute, square face DDOS more honest, whereas the inverted triangle face give a mature feeling. Makeup time, through modifications to the face, can weaken or reinforce certain impressions.   According to Asian facial characteristics, can be divided into 8 different types: triangle face, oval face, round face shape, square face, oval face, almond-shaped face, a diamond face shape and oblong face shapes. Among them, an oval face (Oval) represented "Chinese American" standard DDOS faces. DDOS Not only the Chinese people, foreigners are watching.   This is the most harmonious, and most suitable for Chinese people face facial features. Above, the following small, cheekbones, cheeks outline structure is relatively soft. This face from the front,, one-second, looked down, and looked up to ... ... Each perspective is better. On the overall image of the shape, such as hair, make-up ... ... Are a lot cheaper. Every face develops to perfection, are not susceptible to modification, only decorated with proper makeup techniques and perspectives as possible.   Any kind of facial retouching, gives the first impression DDOS must be comfortable, harmonious, in appropriate proportions. In addition, to focus on the delicate makeup, with overall coordination, soft, natural, healthy, energizing feeling. Then, modified by transition must be very soft and natural color, do not leave traces of makeup.   In addition to pay attention to plump for the beauty of Tang dynasty changes, oval, pointed chin concept has been deeply implanted in the consciousness of the Chinese people, an important specification for judging beauty. Modern TV media's small oval more developed a model of beauty, modern woman in order to pursue "beautiful face", or whatever it take DDOS s, "knife in shooting", or massage goes on day ddos mitigation bgp