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ddos attack tracking nds of doors, thin Green Willow sinpo for who? Emperor Wenzong of Tang poetry, gentle elegance, the characteristics of parking long and look at this first: Emperor's carriage roads grows spring grass, shang DDOS lin flower branches. High limit, not to refer to his side know. Tang dynasty calligrapher's ligongquan poem was in Tang Wuzong's mandate. Tang Wuzong worked with a maid Angry, ignored her for a long time, then slowed down, called her again. Liu Gongquan in chambers serve as a literature Almost too easy to pinch one, ladies floor: Attendants, Wu Zong Liu Gongquan said: "I blame the pe DDOS rson, if Bachelor a poem, when relieved". Liu Gongquan Look today are kings and reentered the pepper tried on her cheeks. Regardless of the former disobedient master well, keep the Yuki nagato is sweet and lonely. Wu Zongwen poem, the mood was carefr DDOS ee, complete release, busy holding maid's ligongquan to thank. Another poetic mood of the late Tang DDOS emperor was Emperor Xuānzong of Tang. Emperor Xuānzong of Tang introverted temperament, cool man, View of the falls, tiller Wong Wing upper line: Wu Zong in Office, he is uncle in order to put ignorance as a strategy to preserve itself, who swam with monks yellow tiller, Xuan Zong's second line already know: Many mountains regardless of finances, look high beginning of unknown origin. Streams can stay up, and yet as waves of the sea. These two seemed to chant the words, indicating the Xuanzong period, it was soon realized. After DDOS Xuan Zong Emperor, State Governor, Xuan Zong heard name of Li Yuan, he reminds me of the poem, they said to Prime Minister Linghu twisted rope: "Wen Liyuan Poetry like benefit increased, Minister's poetry often gets him thinking. Again, commend Prime Minister Li Yuan to Hangzhou Poem ' the long day but another game ' Shire indeed. " Xuan Zong Li Yuan he doesn't ask A chess enthusiast, and Linghu knows Li Yuan Prime Minister, back to the Emperor: "the words of the poet, insufficient under the gui ddos attack tracking