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ddos attack reddit dynasty music and dance such as the seven German Dance (that is, the King of Qin breaking array of music and dance), the da DDOS nce of the Dragon pool, pour Cup dance has also been lost. The Song dynasty Court dance and music is much less than the life of the Tang dynasty, covering Hu Sheng, Hu dance Song Ting no longer distracting , Therefore music is less forceful, intense color, becoming rouman. Team dance has become an important form of court dances. Palace dance team "infantile", by the Group of 72 people That "female students", made up of 153 p DDOS eople. 72 people in children's dance project Ten, each team's name appeared, one of the Zhe, two of the swords, three for the Borneo Team, four of the Tsui Hu y, five of the joke I live DDOS bands, six of the children's band, Seven of the rabbit take off muddy, eight of the exotic into the team, nine for the solution of the child of the red team, ten for the shoot Carving of Uighur. Dance proje DDOS ct also has ten female students, each team's name appears, for the bodhisattva SA-brute force, two of the school band, three of the ball band, four for the beauty of cut peonies, Five of the whisk seduction, six of the Lotus team, seven of the NG Ying y, eight for the Buddha offered incense Flower, nine of the clouds, ten play for the band. Seven, song, Liao, Jin and Yuan dynasty court dance and music Emperor of the Song dynasty also likes to swallow a try. Emperor Taizong of Song have a clear knowledge of temperament, size before and after the creation of Music and adaptations of old music amounted to 390, 18 of which Koji is: under the Ping Rong o ch, Dew drop of Dragon, the Jin Jiyu ye chun, dahuidi enkuan, Journal of the Atlas and the hyehwa The ping-Jin putianle, and the song of joy, and the universe is disclosed well, hangs the clothes of the Octagon and the Gan Le Yao wind action, the universal chaotianle, Ka Lok sui, Wen XING of rites and the joy, and the Qi Tianchang Shou Le peaches, the monarch and the banquet, a ddos attack reddit