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ddos attack on healthcare.gov ror rightly to eat porridge-this festival. Add rice, gingko, walnuts, chestnuts, water chestnut rice congee. Laba porridge for the first prior to the Buddha, but also door, Garden tree, for this porridge is located well above the stove, the remaining members of the inner court food or feed each other. Emperors often Queen's affiliate of the Laba porridge given rewards. 8th because the month is said to Buddha begging for alms of the universa DDOS l day of qinggong daily green beans The congee, intended to help the Tathagata alms. Laba ex-II, 3rd, Lama Temple big congee, tuba Porridge pot two, each pot can accommodate meters 20 or 30 year 100,002 congee with silver. Boiling time ten people, Specialized exercises in the Palace, chanting of the monks were severely pot, full of mengwanggongbeile monitoring. Day of Laba, supervisor And reward the consorts of the inner court, enjoy the Mountain Kings and M DDOS inisters outside it. Tours outside DDOS the mountain, one escorted by eunuchs, Rates all the porridge is served into the inner court, Emperor's Decree, as usual for sacrifice to the Imperial ancestral temple, the Shou Huang temple and the inner court Xiyuan Temple, Porridge without salt and other spices, bland, in fact, difficult to swallow. II, carrying the yellow food containers inside a yellow box, holding a bowl of porridge in the box, be awarded the Minister kneeling, get on her knees. Room, known as the gold Temple, the Emperor arrived, all the lamas chant l DDOS oudly of his Highness, the Dalai Lama and the zhangjiahutuketu Bowa in the rear of the main hall in the forbidden city also sent years ceremony was held and the temple consists of a yellow felt Circle account Before the emperors clothes away, meaning the offer sacrifices to Gods for getting rid of disasters and begging blessings in addition, with the lucky. December 23, later into the year, Palace and folk equally long to ring out the old year and ring in the new year. 22nd or 24th, Kitchen God in heaven, an ddos attack on healthcare.gov