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ddos attack help ar DDOS s old when he Message can detect birds that can pass bird. Exorcism of God, his companion by birds naturally Chicken mentor. Every year on August 5 (Xuanzong's birthday), Jia Chang in wanle born Sheng Previous exhibition of g DDOS race. He wore a carved jade Guan of Jinhua, dressed in Brocade sleeves embroidered trousers for a short jacket, holding two rings, whisk guided groups of chickens, Group of chicken-Syrian stand on the squa DDOS re, eyes revealing attire. Jia Chang's command group of chickens in one instant tree Mao Zhenyi, whetstone Kisses from grinding, inhibition of rage to win, advance and retreat. Whip that rise and fall, losing, winning, before the strong, After the weak, with Chang-geese, attributed to the chicken stalls. This group of Cockfighting, is performing. Cockfighting is one by one of the competitive struggle between appearances. Bucket Owner of the chicken in the chicken, and something with a little cheer. As on a chicken with a layer of mustard powder, mustard Powder spices, chicken to injure each other's eyes. Chicken base (feet), the installation of metal tracks, chicken feet Sharpness is more of an offensive. Both were invented by, when the State of the two noble, Ji Shi and carried Cockfighting, "mustard chicken, Golden distance of comeback is". Another method is chicken coated with Beaver cream Because chicken is the bane of Beaver (the weasel), Beaver cream smells can confuse, intimidate each other. This method As early as the spring and Autumn period, Chuang Tzu tells Keiko, sheep Groove chicken not good chicken, and can often win, is Because the chicken is coated Beaver cream's sake. Outside of Cockfighting, King's interest extends to ducks and geese. Duck Wei Wendi DDOS in particular hobbies, he had Ask Wu for well-bred duck, Claudia, Wu also play duck. Goose is jinhuan, Ling b Hall Treasure from Emperor Xizong of Tang carry forward. Emperor Xizong of Tang, often in XING Qing Wang Dou of the pool with a goose one goose soaring p ddos attack help