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Lighting fixtures custom manufactured with the Lowcountry feeling and style is what this unique line of lighting designed by Lowcountry Originals is all about. Utilizing elements of nature such as oyster shells, quartz crystals, reeds, driftwood and various metals, Lowcountry Originals assembles some of the most original and outstanding designs for discriminating clientele who wish to enjoy the Lowcountry style and feeling.

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Our beautifully designed furniture reflects the talent and fine art of furniture making going back many years. Enjoy the rich finishes reflecting the colors of a Lowcountry marsh or customize your piece and add a faux finish to your design. Enhanced by Lowcountry Orignals lighting and accessories these creative pieces will add to the focal point of your room by bringing in the warmth and beauty of the Lowcountry feeling and style.

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Handcrafted accessories such as lamps, mirrors, and candle holders are only limited to the many possibilities you assign to them to enhance the final touch of a rooms design. Made of natural products such as oyster shells and metals these beautifully hand crafted accessories are made by artisans who express through their creativity and talent the easy and mesmerizing beauty of the Lowcountry feeling and style.

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